How Do I Contact Point Grey Capital?

Feel free to contact us via the following channels


Phone: 604 446 2191

Or visit us at #240 8208 SWENSON WAY DELTA BC

We will love to hear from you soon.


Study our investment options to understand how we operate then click on any to register. The entire account creation and investment process is completed online. You may be required to provide personal information during the process.

How Do I Become an Accredited Investor?

You must meet the following criteria to qualify as an accredited investor.

  1. Earn an income that exceeds $200,000 or $300, 000 together with spouse
  2. Have a net worth of over $1 million, earned alone or together with a spouse

Hold good standing a series 7, 65, or 82 license.

The investor must satisfy the thresholds for the prior two years consistently either alone or with a spouse and cannot, for instance, satisfy one year based on individual income and the next two years based on joint income with a spouse.

Note that entities such as corporations, partnerships, banks and trusts may qualify as investors if they meet the following criteria;

  1. Own trusts with total assets more than $5 million, not formed to specifically purchase the subject securities, and whose purchase is directed by a sophisticated person
  2. Certain entities owning investments more than $5 million not formed to specifically purchase the subject securities

Entities where all the equity owners are accredited investors.

What type of accounts can I invest through?

Investment is open to individuals or jointly through a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Trust, Retirement Plan/401k, Partnerships and Corporations.

Can I invest through my IRA?

You can direct a portion or all of your existing IRA or 401K from your previous employer into our investment plans. Crosscheck with your current custodian to know if they allow you to self-direct your retirement account. You can also contact a member of our investor relations team for more information and guidance.

What type of tax documents will I receive?

This is determined by the plans you choose to invest in. here is a breakdown of tax documents you are likely to receive depending on your choice plans.

  1. New accredited fund: You will receive a Form K-1. This is used by partnerships to provide investors with detailed information on their share of a partnership’s taxable income.
  2. Non-accredited plans: You will receive a Form-1099-DIV. This is a tax form that records earned income from entities or persons other than your employer.

Can I invest if I live in another country?

Yes. Note that the success of this investment lies on how you structure it and different documents may be required. There are quite a few international investors in our Point Grey Capital Equity funds. Contact us for more information.

How long is the term of the plans?

While all plans have a lifespan of 10 years, there are situations that will warrant us to extend or increase the lifespan after your investment. This is to allow us maximize the value for each investment. We try to avoid selling investments in a non-profitable market. This is why we are long-term investors and we believe the longer the investment, the better the profit.

What type of investment returns should I expect?

We target low- to mid-teens equity returns for stabilized, income producing property investments annually. We may also target equity returns that are higher or lower depending on the type of investment and amount of leverage utilized. For example, if we invest in a property that requires significant repositioning through capital and marketing investments, we may forego near-term distributions to achieve a higher gain on the sale of the property in the longer term. We target higher equity returns for these types of investments as they involve more risk.

Our targeted returns are just that, targets. Investment involves risk and our actual returns may be higher or lower and may include a partial or total loss of your investment.

How often will I receive a distribution?

This is determined by your investment plan of choice. Our aim is to pay a monthly distribution to accredited plans. This is however subject to change depending on our discretion. Non-accredited plans will receive pay distributions at annual or quarterly basis. Irrespective of the plan, the distribution will be controlled by the cash flow and the needed capital expenditures.

What types of fees do you charge?

We charge a 1% management fee based on the total equity raised and a transaction fee of 1% based on the value of properties acquired and disposed of. We also charge a 20% management promote fee based on the distributable cash flow. We may need to update the fees as our portfolio grows. Note that our management promote is controlled by the property’s cash flow. An increase in property’s cash flow will cause an increase in our management promote and vice versa.

Please note that we do not charge miscellaneous fees such as storing and processing your investment information. We don’t pay fees or commissions to middlemen or stockbrokers.

Is there risk involved?

All investments are prone to risk, including those made in Point Grey Capital. While we do not guarantee that you will earn our targeted returns, we are well equipped to create the best investment opportunities for you. We are always on the move to identify stable and safe investments.

How does your investment work?

Our Math is quite straightforward and highly effective. We give our clients a 10% profit on all investments but rather than giving out the money immediately, we reinvest it into other avenues to increase your profits to 30% and 50% depending on the investment type or duration. We invest in real estate such as new builds, multi-family and residential via the West Coast Sechelt properties.