Long Term Investment Program (LTIP)

Sustainable Cash Flow • No Risks. •. Profit Guaranteed

You don’t have to own a fortune before investing in Canadian real estate. That is why our Long Term Investment Program (LTIP) was created to offer you a sure and easy way to penetrate the market.

The Canadian real estate market holds lots of potential as home sales continue to rise daily. As of February 2021, home sales have risen by a massive 39.2% and is predicted to hit 45% in 2022. This and many more reasons are why you need to invest in Canada’s booming real estate market.

Purchasing real estate has, over the years, continued to be the best investment that has produced many millionaires globally. Market report shows that high property values will continue to be an important driver of household wealth in Canada, thus raising several millionaires in the next few years. Our Long term investment Program (LTIP) is all you need.

Our LTIP gives you an opportunity to own a property with as little as $30,000. Yes, you heard that right. You can leverage our simple investment programs that allow a minimum of $30,000 investment and be a part of the real estate market. We have a pool of verified investors that we purchase a property together with you.

What We Do

Our business model at Long Term Investment Program (LTIP) is straightforward and can be summarized in 4 simple steps. 

Step 1: We identify promising properties that are a minimum of 20% lower than the market price

Step 2: We inform verified investors about the buying opportunity and create a plan to favor everybody. 

Step 3: We purchase and manage the property on behalf of the investors. 

Step 4: We renovate and rent out the property for future capital gain. 

Who is this for?

This is a special program for individuals who would love to dive into the Canadian real estate market but can’t afford to purchase a property on their own. The Long Term Investment Program (LTIP) was created to allow a maximum of 4 investors to purchase one property and rent it out for capital gain. Our investment plans allow investors to contribute as low as $30,000 to purchase a property and receive up to 20% in return.

Why trust us?

PGC has been in the business of providing top-notch, high profile and ROI investment opportunities for investors. Our unique values include but are not limited to the following; 

  1. Several years of experience in the real estate market.
  2. A combined group of professionals that offer the best real estate investment strategies 
  3. Easy-to-use business and investment models suitable for everyone. 
  4. Wide network coverage and people skills guarantee that every penny is accounted for and safe. 
  5. High ROI in a short time. 

What are the fees?

  • Mortgage application fee: $1,500
  • 9%management fees based on the total equity raised
  • 1% transaction fee based on the value of properties we acquire and dispose of
  • 20% management promote based on the distributable cash flow.